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"THE SIEGE" of Sarajevo 1992-1996


"As far as I'm concerned, this was an overture, the first trial, so to speak, for the members of the Serbian Democratic Party to test their formations that would be used of course one month later. A test to see how they would cut the city in half and take the city. I remember the evening hours of the first of March. I was at home, when the squad on duty at the Ministry of Internal Affairs called me and asked me to come down to the station. Naturally, upon arriving we found out that in certain parts of the city, or on certain blocks of particular streets and crossings, paramilitary groups made up of criminals who were ethnic Serbs had blocked off parts of town, were molesting citizens, stopping cars, looting, and generally doing everything that was not allowed. That evening a whole unit had gathered in Krtelji. Which means that they were called on duty just as I was, and were just waiting to go into action. Naturally, no one ordered the Ministry of Internal Affairs, that is, the unit, which I commanded to clear those boys at the barricades off the streets. Instead, they waited for some political solution. That political solution was preceded by an agreement between the president of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Alija Izetbegovic, the president of the Serbian Democratic Party, Radovan Karadzic, and General Kukanjac.

One event remained engraved in my memory: I went in, it was a dark room and there were some food and drinks served on the table, and from the end of his large office I heard some inarticulate voices. Actually, when I called down that dark room I saw that it was General Kukanjac and that he was completely drunk. He was saying something, but I couldn't understand a word. We didn't stay long there, and we left - that man named Suput and I, And Colonel Kelecevic, who I think was Kukanjac's security officer- to formulate the plan calling for mixed patrols. We wrote it up, of course, and began to send the patrols out on the streets. The mixed patrols had a particular goal, to remove the barricades that had started to go up from that day on, in streets leading in or out of Sarajevo, especially on the roads just outside of town. And in general in areas where either one group or the other made up the majority of the population. The barricades were built most often in those places. And the main task of those patrols was to keep the roads open. "

PICTURES:  The Siege of Sarajevo
Photo by Tom Stoddart
Video - "Lucky Solder"

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