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Boyle: "Only justice for Srebrenica victims is the abolishment of the RS"

 WASHINGTON/SARAJEVO, January 13 (FENA) – The former representative of the BiH lawsuit against Serbia and Montenegro for aggression and genocide, [b]American professor of international law Francis Boyle[/b] told Fena on Friday that Alija Izetbegovic as the BiH Presidency Chair authorized him as the BiH Ambassador before the International Court of Justice in The Hague to launch this lawsuit. He stressed that the only justice for all victims and survivors of Srebrenica, as well as other crimes, can be achieved with the abolishment of the RS entity and a creation formed on genocide, mass killing, rapes and the disintegration of BIH. "This is what, ten years on, the international community owes the people of BIH", Boyle said.
“The RS needs to be abolished and a single BiH created for all its citizens of good will – Muslims, Catholics, Jews and others, on the foundations of pluralism and democracy”, he said and added that changes to the Dayton Agreement are possible if there is political will. Prof. Boyle is convinced that BiH would win the process against SCG.
He believed that this verdict should be used to terminate the RS, which is nothing but a genocidal state creation. Regarding the eventual compensation SCG would have to pay to BIH, Prof. Boyle said that Serbia is bankrupt and that this suit was not submitted for money, i.e this was not the intent of late Izetbegovic. Francis Boyle is Bosnian Ambassador before the International Court of Justice in the Hague ( Fena )

Sarajevska Princeza
15/01/2006 16:29