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Serbs are the 4th Nation that committed genocide

If charges were raised against all Serbs who were involved in shooting on Sarajevans and Bosnians in internationally recognized European country Bosnia, the prosecutors of International court would have been overwhelmed by work. There are more than half of million Serbs who should be put on this list.

Removal of entity that was made on deaths of Bosnian innocent people ( called Republika Srpska although this is an entity not a real Republic  ) is the moral obligation of all Bosnians and all Nations around the world. You can't go wrong by making sure that genocide in Bosnia and the siege of European Olympic city Sarajevo is punished.

I believe that one day this Utopian
fantasy land called "Greater Serbia" gets out of minds of Serbian fanatics who caused all wars in ex-YU including WW1 and genocide in 1992 to achieve their discriminatory ideology.

Serbs are the 4th Nation in the World that killed and tortured innocent group of people based on their religion and/or ethnicity and national identity.


A forensic expert working on a mass burial site of victims of the Srebrenica genocide. Photo by Amel Emric/AP.

Photos of mass graves and persecutions:



Bosnian women and elderly trying to flee Srebrenica, Bosnia in 1996.
Photo: Reuters,

Sarajevska Princeza
17/02/2006 23:34