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What would you do if you were in Srebrenica with your family on July 11, 1995?

In the video #5, see below, war criminal Serb Ratko Mladic said:

"Here we are on July 11, 1995 in Serbian Srebrenica ( Serbs just occupied it ) for another Serbian big holiday -- we are giving this city to you as a gift and finally the moment came to revenge against the Turks on this territory!".

Turkish Ottoman Empire was in Balkans hundreds of years ago. Ottomans are already dead. Bosnians are not Turks, in fact they had own Bosnian Kingdom that has been occupied like so many other countries in the past by Turkish Ottoman Empire, Austro-Hungary, Nazi Germany and now Serbs. They have nothing to do with Ottoman Empire which by the way doesn't exist any longer. Bosnians are multiethnic and multireligious members of Bosnian Nation! Yet under Ratko Mladic's order entire Bosnian population who stayed there in Srebrenica were murdered except a few who escaped through the mountains and managed to survive.

How genocide happened in Srebrenica?

Video #1 [url=]Part 1[/url]

Video #2 [url=]Part 2[/url]

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Video #4 [url=]Part 4[/url]

Video #5 [url=]Part 5[/url]

Imagine you are happily living in the village as a child, a young person, a civilian, a mother or a father... You don't have any guns and you can't defend your family, your home, your children, your old mother and father, and cousins neither your wife or husband.

In fact, you can't survive even if you are by yourself. Serbs arrive into your village heavily armed from all over the places and with all their modern war equipment of ex -YU Army they totally destroy your village. You can not go anywhere, because there is no way to go. Serbs surrounded entire Bosnia!!!! More importantly concentration camps and genocide was in entire Bosnia!!! The entire Bosnia was a camp!! But let's focus on this one only one city - Srebrenica (again).

There is no food, no water, no electricity, no phone and no place to live. You have a family, small children who are crying, old people dying and you are surrounded from all sides. There is a forest all over the village but in order for you to get out of forest you must go through Serbs first. You will see on the videos people caught from the forest! You will also see Serbs calling them to get back and surrender, and assuring them nobody will kill them.

Once you surrender to your enemy you can consider yourself dead.

 If you are a man you know you will die because they came there to kill you!!! In fact all Bosnians, (NON-Serbs) need to be killed NOT JUST YOU. They have names of each family, and most Serbs already had left the village because they were told what is going to happen, so what are you going to do? You have no guns so you can not defend yourself.

You have no way to brake through Serbian army that surrounded village. You did not invade their country they came to your village. You did not go to Belgrade they came to your land, to your home, to the place you were born, where you grew up, where your family have lived for a very long time.

If you go through the forest your children and wife can't go that far. Maybe wife could of, but children can not. They cry and draw attention to enemy instantly. Your dad if sick can not walk! You have to carry him on your back, but for how long? You can't cook and make a fire, because if you do Serbs will locate your position, find you and kill all of you.

You are already exhausted because there is no food, no drinks no medicine, nothing!!!!

If you are by yourself you could take your own life. Just hang yourself on the nearest tree, you could have done perhaps that, because at least you would die instantly with less pain and suffering. If you don't kill yourself, you will be dead sooner or later anyway. There was no hope for this people over there!! Serbs did not have much compassion or feeling, they would not spare you if you counted on that. They don't know you but that doesn't matter. They believe you threaten their existence in your own homeland they want to occupy for themselves and live there "happily ever after" in a fantasy land called "Greater Serbia". After they kill you, and your entire family they will attempt to hide all traces of Bosnian existence and genocide.

But if you have a family, children and entire village with your friends, relatives, cousins, people you grew up with, you feel responsible and you can't leave them in the time of war!

You only have two choices: 1) to die sooner or 2) to die later. Whatever you chose you will be dead, you just don't know when exactly.  Maybe you hope that some miracle happens. People often believe despite all evidence, they hope that something will happen and change everything. They counted on UN. UN Dutch representatives stationed in Srebrenica promised protection and then failed to keep their promise. Serbs will eventually get all men, children and women, put all people in the buses, later will separate you from your children, family, friends and your wife and you will never see them again.

Did you know that many Bosnians in Srebrenica wanted to die instantly but this privilege was not given to them, and they were left to suffer? Some were shot in the head. Others first tortured, let to suffer with no possibility to die quickly, and then killed, many were slaughtered. How can anyone not understand the mothers of Srebrenica?  They can not have peace until they actually see the remains of dead body. It's hard for them to believe they lost loved ones this way...

This ethnic cleansing and genocide has been ordered by Serbian leaders Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic who are considered "Saints" to Serbs. This is not a joke!

While you are in Srebrenica, they will break your legs, hands, heads, they will maybe shoot you in the head, cut your throat or rape you like in concentration camps held by Serbs - Omarska and Trnoplje, and they could order you to rape your father or maybe your family member. Some people were begging to be killed instead.

This is very sad..... Very sad...These people who have done these crimes still live free, majority.... just a few were persecuted so far? Not 8.000 for sure!

Children were taken from the mother's hands and brutally slaughtered. This can only be done by evil. How could Serbs be manipulated into a hate of this proportion? Did not they go to school? Or was it a communism? But Bosnians were in communism too and Slovenians, and many other countries, so how come they haven't committed genocide?

There is no excuse and no justification, no matter what -- the entire aggression on Republic of Bosnia should never be forgotten. Bosnian Nation survived but... Serbs took 49% of Bosnian territory through genocide and ethnic cleansing.

There is nothing that can make up for lost lives and all pain and suffering. And these two butchers Serb Ratko Mladic and Montenigran Serb Radovan Karadzic deserve to die 8.000 times exactly the same way how each and every Bosnian have died. There was no Court or trial for victims. They could not say - I am not guilty. They could not defend themselves. They did not have a justice so why should now --- they have it?

Bosnian people, I, we, all of us thought genocide can not possibly happen in the heart of Europe but Bosnian war in 1992 proved it wrong. There is nothing bad in liking your country and loving your nation, but if you become nationalistic to the point that your mind is blurred and you can not see good things in anyone who is not like your "people" then you need to examine yourself.

Sarajevska Princeza


Bosnian woman managed to cross over to Bosnian territory where Bosnian young solders found her. Was captive of Serbian rape camps. Click on the larger photo to see her facial expression, she looks so sad and lost.

Larger photo [url=]here[/url] Photo: Reuter



Sarajevska Princeza
13/09/2008 20:22