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Never forget Srebrenica

This is what one blogger said on his blog:
" I am not proud of my attitude during the Bosnia war. I viewed it as a European problem and something that we did not need to get involved in. Further, I viewed American military action as a 'wag the dog' tactic designed to divert attention away from domestic political issues. I was wrong. That attitude, was a big part of what allowed the Srebrenica massacre, and others, to happen. posted by Dave Justus | 7/12/2005 " ( )

Estimated 8000 Bosnian men and boys found in mass graves

2004 Red Cross Data:

"According to data from the Red Cross, almost 17,000 persons who went missing during the conflict are still unaccounted for. Many of them "disappeared" after being taken into custody by the military and security forces; those responsible have continued to enjoy impunity. (See NCH #37.) [Source: AI, Report 2005 (2005) 58, 59.]

On 19 April 2004, the ICTY Appeals Chamber confirmed that in July 1995 Serb forces had committed genocide in Srebrenica. The Appeals Chamber sentenced Serb Army General Radislav Krstic to 35 years' imprisonment for aiding and abetting genocide. The Commission identified the location of mass graves, some of which were previously unknown. By the end of 2004, the bodies of approximately 1,300 people killed after the fall of Srebrenica had been exhumed and identified.

Serbs had previously claimed that only one hundred Bosnians had been executed and that another 1,900 had died in combat or from exhaustion. " (See NCH #37.) [Sources: HRW, World Report 2005 (2005) 359-62; AI, Report 2005 (2005) 58-59.]

Don't forget Srebrenica, Photo by boxer,

Bosnian man visiting Srebrenica graves, Photo by boxer,

Often the entire families, 15 or 20 members were killed.

Little Bosnian Girl among coffins, Photo by Elvis Barukcic

Srebrenica ( where killings took place ) is beautiful Bosnian city, photo by Mina 17

I was in Srebrenica before the genocide, in time of peace. It is a beautiful peaceful city, has almost untouched nature and many trees all around the city. I went to Srebrenica over the weekend with my friends. I remember going to parks, having breakfast in one of the places. Everyone should visit. It is a very sad city now. I can imagine that if you go there in July when Bosnian people have mass burial of all newly identified Bosnian victims - it is very hard to watch.

This is very emotional for Bosnian people and I am not sure if I could actually go and see it. Bosnian mothers lost their husbands, brothers, fathers, grandfathers, cousins and their male children. Just a few survived. The loss of the child and/or loved ones can never be healed. The victims were brutally slaughtered. Some people get heart attacks on the grave of their loved ones.

Bosnian families can not accept this. They want the justice. They really want each and every man who killed their children and loved ones to answer their questions and go to prison until rest of their lives. The problem is most Serbian war criminals are still free. That makes people very frustrated. Serbs ethnically cleansed this area and now they live there! In fact, Srebrenica is not "the safest area" even now. This area is still populated by the same Serbs who lived there at the time of genocide.

Billboard in Srebrenica

On the photo here the billboard message says in Bosnian: Srebrenica 1995 - 2005. To see. To know. To remember. Then someone wrote across in Serbian: There is going to be a return.

Message of hate handwritten by Serbs in the heart of Srebrenica where genocide took place.

Serbs claimed originally there are about 100 people killed. They admitted 100.

Every year, in July, Bosnian people ( Bosanskohercgovacki narod ) go there, together with everyone else in the world ( foreign people who visit every year, journalists, TV stations, and everyone else who follows events in the region ... ). Bosnian people also march every July ( walk by foot usually from Sarajevo ). It takes them around four days to get to Srebrenica. The distance is 120 km. Here is the photo:

Bosnian people marching to Srebrenica, Photo by Amel Emric

But then Serbs nationalists ( chetnicks ) appear too with their flags, proud of what they have done in Srebrenica and to disturb. Bosnian people see the visit as the moral duty so eventually I will have to go there.

Sarajevska Princeza
13/03/2006 10:00