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Ed Vulliamy first revealed the horrors of Omarska concentration camp in Bosnia held by Serbs

Hundreds of prisoners, mostly Bosnian Muslims and Bosnian Catholics, were tortured and killed at Omarska in 1992, and other concentration camps such as Manjaca by Serbs. Larger photo [url=]Here[/url]


Bosnian men in concentration camp Manjaca, Bosnia - M. Daniels/Liaison Agency

These are not soldiers. These are regular people picked up from their homes according to their first and last names and nationality ( all non-Serbs ) and taken to a concentration camp! Now the first and last name can't tell you for instance the level of religiousness and personal beliefs, but that did not matter. The nationality also could not tell you for instance anything about the political views of each individual, but that did not matter as well!

All non-Serbs were sorted and categorized according to shallow minds in which someone's name and national belonging was a good reason to be put in concentration camp! Now, how is not such practice ethnic cleansing? Sure it is. These people had nothing to do with politics. They were just regular folks living in the villages, unarmed who were picked up by armed Serbians from their homes. They also did not know that they would be tortured and starved to death.

Most of them were killed at the later time.. This is reality, chew it. This took place in the heart of Europe. The World is doing something very wrong if ethnic cleansing and genocide in 20th century is an option!

Ed Vulliamy has been on of the first who revealed the horrors of Omarska, Trnopolje and other Serbian concentration camps in Bosnia, to a stunned world.

Could you picture yourself behind this wire fence?

Would you want your wife and loved ones to know about you being tortured?

What would you think about Serbs? What would you do to survive?

1992 Bosnians in Serb held concentration camp. Photograph: ITN

Concentration camp, Trnopolje, Bosnia. Men were from 15 to 90 years old.

Concentration Camp Pictures by Haviv:

Trnopolje 1992:
Manjaca 1992:
Trnopolje 1992:
(All images are copyright Ron Haviv 1997)

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