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Bosnian Nationality vs. Bosnian Ethnicity

 Bosnian Nationality
People who admit Bosnia as their own country ( naturalized citizens ) and/or are born in Bosnia are automatically Bosnians by default.

Nationality is declaration of belonging to the country. The passport shows your nationality. If your passport says - Bosnia - your nationality is Bosnian.
You can change your nationality.

Ethnicity of Bosnian People

Ethnicity is who were your ancestors, your mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, grand grand father ( where they came from originally ). Ethnicity is not nationality.

When someone says they are Ethnic Bosnians, they are saying their ancestors originate from Bosnia. Their parents were born in Bosnia. And in some cases their grandparents, and grand grand parents as well.

All ethnic groups belong to one People ( People of the nation they declare their own and where they were born ). Those People represent the Bosnian Nation. There are tons of many different ethnic groups in every country.

The ethnic belonging is irrelevant. It has no legality in itself. What is on your passport ( your nationality ) is what legally matters.

Religion of Bosnian People

Religion is your belief. Just like anywhere else Bosnian people are of different religious and non religious beliefs.

In fact there is a very good belief test that I am going to post here that tells you in what percentage your belief system reflects what religion. Every person is different and has different thoughts, ideas, and beliefs.


Examples of different nationalities

Bosnia = Bosnian nation made of  Bosnian People = Bosnian national/Bosnian

Usa = American nation made of American People = American national/American

Croatia = Croatian nation made of Croatian People = Croatian national/Croat

Slovenia = Slovenian nation Slovenian People = Slovenian national = Slovenian

Serbia= Serbian nation Serbian People - Serbian national = Serb/Serbian

As you can see here every country has one Nation and one People.

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 Who are the Ethnic Serbs and Ethnic Croats in Bosnia?

When somebody says they are Ethnic Serbs, they are saying their ancestors originate from Serbia. Or Ethnic Croats, they are saying their ancestors originate from Croatia. Ethnic Serbs and ethnic Croats in Bosnia are still Bosnians and actually mostly Ethnic Bosnians even though they may ( often not knowingly ) claim otherwise.

Many actually never visited Serbia nor Croatia and their ancestors are more often than not born in Bosnia. Calling them Ethnic Serbs or Ethnic Croats ( if originating from Bosnia ) is false. They are told ( instructed ) to declare themselves as non-Bosnian in ethnicity by Serbian & Croatian nationalists for the purpose of dividing Bosnian territory. Do not participate in such act because that is what causes war in Balkan region.

Neighbouring countries Serbia and Croatia can only make trouble in Bosnia through luring Ethnic Bosnians to abandon who they are and lean towards either Serbian & Croatian Ethnic and National Identities for the purpose of division of Bosnian territory and adding it to their own countries. This is what the core of the problem in that region is.  And that is what they did! This needs to be corrected in speech and in writing. See below:

Bosnian People ( bosanskohercegovacki narod ) includes all ethnic groups in Bosnia including ethnic Serbs and ethnic Croats and many others.

Sarajevska Princeza
22/01/2010 02:14