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Kemal Pervanic - "The Killing Days"

Kemal Pervanic currently lives in London, UK. He wrote a book about everything that took place while he was in Serb held concentration camp Manjaca and Omarska. He was only 24 when he was taken from his own home by chetniks ( Serbian nationalists ) and transferred to the concentration camp. That was in the early 1992. He survived brutal tortures there. This is one of rare concentration camp survivors who wanted to share the truth with the world, and he succeeded.

 Kemal Pervanic  is Bosnian of strong character who upon arrival to London, UK did not only graduate from university but also had a courage to write a book and in yet one more way contribute that concentration camps, ethnic cleansing and massacres committed by Serbs in the heart of Europe are never forgotten.

Photos from his book:

Bosnian civilians held in Serb held concentration camp

Sarajevska Princeza
11/05/2005 05:17