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The lily is Bosnia’s cultural and historical tradition.

See below: A lily on a "stečak" ( Bosnian medieval tombstone )

A lily pattern on a vessel from the antiquity, 2,000 years ago, excavated at Ilidža near Sarajevo.

A lily on a Bosnian tombstone,300 years ago.

A lily on today’s tombstone.

Bosnian King Tvrtko I's gold coin (14th c.) with the state fleur-de-lis coat of arms.

Bosnian Coat of arms of the Bosnian Kotromanić dynasty.

Flag of medieval Bosnian state, and Independent Country of Bosnia and Herzegovina during the war 1992-1995.
Photos by Enver Imamovic

Sarajevska Princeza
08/09/2006 04:41