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Sarajevo, Market Massacre (Markale)

Photo: Sarajevo, Market Massacre (Markale)

People killed at the Markale Market, in Sarajevo, were waiting in the line to get bread when Serbs launched shelling from the top of hills. Their blood was shed all over the street. This is when you realize that a human being can be objectified just like the piece of meat.


If you still want to see it, click [url=]here[/url] and [url=]here.[/url]

Regarding food during the war. There was no food in the war as you might know, just humanitarian help, we called it "lunch packages". Of course this was not real lunch,  neither a package. It was simply the mini food in small brown plastic bags, that looked like samples of different food. Similar to lunch packages sold in food stores in America for children in elementary schools.  A few crackers, a piece of cheese... You could not kill the hunger with this. It was just enough to save you from the total starvation. In Bosnia during the war everybody lost 20 lbs at least. In the war you are under a constant stress 24/7/365 and there was NO FOOD. People, especially children were dying from hunger. There was no milk or baby food or any food whatsoever. You eventually under these circumstances look anorexic.

See below is the video of Serb solder of Yugoslavian Army ( read army from SERBIA ) who had no problem stating on camera he has intention to shoot on Bosnian building. Of course he did not build our homeland so it did not matter to him. Serbian theory was that Bosnians did not allow anyone to get in the city therefore they ( Serbs ) had to liberate it from Bosnians even though most Serbs left knowing that attack will take the place or they participated in attacks on Sarajevo themselves.

If Sarajevo was surrounded (occupied ) by Bosnians ( Serbian false story to fool Serbs to allegedly "liberate" them) how come this ex-Yugoslavian ( read Serbian ) tanks were in Sarajevo going through city just like that with no fear whatsover? If Bosnian occupied their own city, how was it possible for this tank to enter the city in the first place? Yugoslavian tanks are the evidence that Serbia played a major role in aggression on Bosnia simply by supplying the tanks, and army.

Their tanks were stationed on top of hills around Sarajevo to shoot on people, like on Markale, Sarajevan market place. See for yourself. Only insane person would not see this as evidence of how the aggression started, was initiated and supported by SERBIA.

Video: [url=] Here.[/url]

So whose tanks in the video are those? They fell from Mars? Tanks clearly show they are SERBIAN from neighboring country who wanted part of Bosnian cake to add to their territory. The guy in video speaks in Serbian dialect. He wears the Yugoslavian ( not Bosnian ) uniform in the middle of Sarajevo.

That would be like seeing Japanese military tanks in the middle of Washington D.C, claiming they will shoot into the building, while the Court of Justice explains that Japan can not really be found at fault for aggression because Japan did not really "participate" in attacks but it is found guilty for FAILURE TO PREVENT ATTACKS launched by their own Japanese people. So Serbia got away!


Markale after the war

Sarajevska Princeza
01/02/2007 07:40