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Bosnia was attacked by evil

This video is documentary film about events that led to fall of Yugoslavia, and how Bosnia was attacked by Yugoslavian Army, chetnicks ( Serbs and Montenegro nationalists ) as primary aggressors and ustashas ( Croat nationalists ) as secondary aggressors. There were also some traitors within the country of Bosnia & Herzegovina who joined the enemy. The Bosnian Army fought to defend Bosnian Nation, Bosnian People, Bosnian sovereignty & freedom. There was no justification for aggression on multi-ethnic Republic of Bosnia!!


#1 [url=] Part 1[/url]
#2 [url=] Part 2[/url]

#3 [url=] Part 3[/url]
#4 [url=] Part 4 [/url]
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#6 [url=] Part 6[/url]
#7 [url=] Part 7[/url]

Sarajevska Princeza
31/12/2004 23:14