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Sarajevo Trams

People in Sarajevo use public transportation a lot. Trams are very popular. Driving the car is usually used on a longer distances. There are many funny stories and experiences especially while attending the high school and using trams every day.

Sarajevo was the first European City to have city-wide tram service. Trams are part of Sarajevo culture.


People in the tram, Sarajevo Bosnia


Sarajevo Tram, Bosnia Photo by Ben Otopalick

I came across of nice Blog about Bosnian Interesting facts [url=]Here.[/url]


Sarajevo Tram, Bosnia


"Let's go Tickets", Tickets for the Tram

Tickets for the tram are in different colors and very simple.


Trams are traveling along one side of Miljacka river throughout the city.

Sarajevska Princeza
25/10/2005 11:02