Movie Review : “Behind Enemy Lines”

One of my favorite movies is absolutely "Behind Enemy Lines". It was showing on CBS tonight. It is my favorite because it stands up for Truth and Justice. It tells the story as it is. The movie was made according to real-life experiences of American Pilot during his mission in Bosnia. See trailer here

Two American pilots captured by Serbian nationalists ( chetnicks ). Serbs execute one right on the spot, while another pilot escaped. After he went through hell fighting for his survival, at the end he is risking his life to get a TAPE of genocide committed by Serbs against Bosnians to accomplish his mission.

The movie represents Serbs chetnicks exactly as they are. Chetnicks manipulated that Bosnians want to ruin "the peace process" therefore they are ones who shot American plane and pilot. Genocide in their mind had never happened until this day! The truth was just the opposite. The Serbs committed the genocide and ethnic cleansing with absolutely no sense of Humanity and respect for Human Life. I am thankful to producer who was motivated to make a movie and show the world the real Truth. I am adding to my blog photos taken after genocide was committed – in Srebrenica, as another FACT that will NEVER be forgotten in this life and after.

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