“If there be any true measure of a man than by what he does, it must be by what he gives” – Robert South

Postoji toliko nacina na koje se moze pokazati ljubav, paznja, postovanje, zahvalnost, dobrodusnost, briga ili ljubaznost. I nije bas tako tesko kao sto neki misle. To su stvari koje su na izgled vrlo nebitne i na koje mnogi ne obracaju paznju ali male stvari cine velika djela.

1. Use the phrase "Thank you" more than you normally do
2. Commit 3 acts of kindness without seeking recognition
3. Apologize if you have hurt someone
4. Include a person or classmate who you don't normally talk to in a conversation
5. Great people as you pass them in the hallway
6. Sit with people who you don't normally sit with
7. Spend 10 minutes in silence
8. Spend time with family
9. Get to know someone new
10. Make a list of all the things that you are grateful for
11. Take time to thank God for all of the things on your list

12. Pray for someone
13. Show to each person you love that you appreciate them
14. Stick up for someone
15. Give a hug
16. Create something beautiful ( song, poem, novel, blog etc )
17. Take a peaceful walk
18. Clean up your home
19. Teach someone how to do something
20. Buy gifts for a shelter, or give them something
21. If someone calls you, texts you or emails you return their calls/texts/emails. Do not ignore them.
22. Write a card to someone who is not close to you
23. Be generous with compliments
24. Look in the eyes when you talk to people, acknowledge them
25. Adopt a pet

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