Who are the chetniks?

Chetniks are Serbian nationalists. The first picture to the left is a picture of chetniks killing Bosnian civilians in Brcko, Bosnia during 1992. People on the photo did not survive. Chetniks not just lack the sense of compassion for others, but they also see the pride in torturing and genocide they already have committed in Srebrenica in 1992. The victims were mostly innocent people and children. They still deny the genocide although the whole world knows the truth. Video: Chetniks in Sarajevo

Their ideology is very similar if not the same to Nazi and Hitler's ideology. They are thought to believe they are "superior nation". Hitler and the Nazis were masters at incorporating the arts and the media manipulations. The same thing was happening in Serbia. How different was Srebrenica from Auschwitz? Yet Serbs never admitted. They manipulated media and simply claimed that Bosnians captured in concentration camps are in fact Serbs. Even today they haven't showed any remorse. The World needed, no less no more but 10 years to see the evidence of prosecution.

Bosnian Children of orthodox religion encouraged by Serbs to model Chetniks

They use symbols very similar like Nazi. Four letters "S" written in chirilic alphabet on each side of the cross ( religious symbol ) and their tradition is in fact, to cross themselves ( in the name of God ) just before killing the victim. There were also incidents where religious leaders were blessing chetniks before genocide. Chetniks are not religious people. They just use religion to justify the killings. In fact the churches in Serbia are mostly supportive of them, and they are highly politically involved in decisions of people of Serbia. Their church is obviously alianiated from God because Serbian murderers and genocide killers are approved and blessed for their acts.

4S chetnik's symbol

The chetniks are Serbs nationalists whose ideology is founded on the killings and tortures of infamous chetnik Draza Mihajlovic who was portraying himself as the "hero" to the West ( saving American pilots to win the approval and support by US – for instance, or killing Germans during the II World War ) and in reality, Draza Mihajlovic was nothing else but a butcher on the Balkans, a murderer with no remorse whose main ideology was to eliminate all non-Serbs and form so called "Great Serbia" that would unite all Serbs into one country on the account of all other states that at that time willingly decided to become a part or "United Republics of Yugoslavia". Yugoslavia was NOT consisted only of Serbs, therefore Yugoslavia is not even today in any way "only Serbian".

Children poisoned and encouraged to be chetniks just like the father

Many Serbs are in fact a mixture of Turks and Slavs due to 500 years of Turkish Ottoman Empire, and one of few nations in the world who committed genocide. Bosnians are completely separated nation that rejected Serbian politics, culture and tradition and embraced their own, just like each other Republic in ex YU. Democracy to Serbs was always a foreign concept. The funny thing is that they seem to be the only people who think of themselves as "superior people". They put prefix "Serbian" in front of everything like: cities, bridges, towns, villages, street names, new years eve, music, people, sky, air, food, etc. At the end you get "Serbian" attached to everything.

Consequently Genocide of Non-Serbs in Bosnia

Photo by Ron Haviv: Bijeljina, Bosnia 1992 Serb hitting Bosnian civillians

Genocide took place in the heart of Europe not because  Serbs desire democracy but because they desire all Serbs in one country so in order to achieve that, they figured out, the best thing to do would be to kill and ethnically eliminate all non-Serbs.They thought nobody will ever find out and all will be forgotten. Slobodan Milosevic, ex President of Serbia tried for war crimes in Bosnia and currently in Hague – have been one of chetnik's "heroes" for helping them with arms and participating in Bosnian war. On the picture below the chetnick is holding his photo. There are many Milosevic's and chetniks everywhere, especially in area dominated by Serbs (  photo here )

The 4S on Serbian current offical flag

The chetnicks flag with 4S

This is one of the items that was used in genocide killing in Srebrenica, when thousands of boys younger than 10 years old, together with older men and civilians were tortured, women and young children raped and finally dumped into the mud. ( photo here ) Can you imagine seeing your 7 year old son grabbed from your own hands and murdered while you are watching? Would you be able to see your own 9 month pregnant wife to be murdered by cetnik's in front of you? 

Your own unborn child being brutally taken out from her womb while his mother is dead and your unborn baby is than nailed on the walls of your own house? That's exactly what they were doing. This is something that normal mind can not imagine or understand.

Serbian chetnik with a knife in his mouth symbolizing the acts of cutting throats of non-Serbs

They are still living free in Bosnia and not just that they are not punished for their crimes against humanity but they still believe they did nothing wrong. They still don't take responsibility for their actions to the World, to Bosnians and to themselves. This is one of the chetnik's flags they use to represent their own ideology. "Death" is their symbol. Killing, murdering, evil… Chetniks proved in Bosnia one more time that they are against the God and humanity. Like we did not know.

"With faith in God, freedom or death." And this is the photo from Srebrenica that clearly matches the symbolism of the serbo-cetnik's flag. The genocide in Srebrenica was the result of their hatred. Most of them are not educated, usually have less than elementary school at highest level, maybe a high school. They have beard, don't shave, don't wear clean clothes, don't really care about anything. There is another category of cetnik's who are "educated" such as Radovan Karadzic ( how did he get B.A in psychology only God knows!? ) anyway, the point is that no matter how educated they are, the hatred against non-Serbs seems to be deeply rooted and reinforced in their early age by their parents and peers. Many people think it's in genes, it's something that is not possible to influence or change in any way. Other believe they are mentally ill collectively. Chetnick's movements are no different from Nazi movements. It's still deep rooted in their upbringing. It is simply a Serbian tradition.

Bosnians in a concentration Camps were held by Serbs - where torture,rape and killings were taking place. Many feel pity for such an alienation from God and others are angry for non-punishment for crimes against humanity.

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