Concentration Camps, tortures and masacres of Bosnians in 1992

Concentration camps that Serbs held in Bosnia were: Manjaca, Omarska, Trnopolje, Luka Brcko, Batkovici, Dretelj, Heliodrom, Gabela, Drmeljevo, KPD Foca, Susica – Vlasenica, Kula – Sarajevo, Zepce

Even today more than 80% of Serbs don't believe that Genocide ever took place in Bosnia. Not that the world is trying to convince them, but just to remind ourselves again that obviously they do support their serbo-chetnik's nationalistic politics otherwise they would long time ago punish their war criminals, Serbs Radovan Karadzic, Ratko Mladic and others. Instead, Serbia is helping them to hide while tryng to get as much Bosnian terriory as they can get through support of Serbs who ethnically cleansed 49% of Bosnia and comitted unforgettable crimes against humanity in the heart of Europe.

This link with photos is just a tiny part of the most evil thing anyone can commit against another human being. (Please be aware that pictures in the above link are very graphic.)

 13 years later these war criminals and murderers are still walking free.

Fikret Alic ( the Bosnian man in the middle of picture ) in Serb held concentration camp, Trnopolje, Bosnia 1992. Photo by Ron Haviv.

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  1. If nations are allowed to commit genocide with impunity, to hide their guilt in a camouflage of lies and denials, there is a real danger that other brutal regimes will be encouraged to attempt genocides. Unless we speak today of the Bosnian genocide that have been committed by Serbs and unless the Government recognizes this historical fact, we shall leave this century of unprecedented genocides with this blot on our consciences.

  2. The people that look like they are inside a concentration camp are actually free!!! It is the reporters that are actually inside a camp (for their own protection). This is a long known fact. Please do some research before u post such powerful images!

  3. To Guest 4801:

    Would you like to live with your loved ones in such a freedom for your own protection my dear, while your house is burned and you tortured, raped and used inhumanely just because you are not a Serb? You would rather believe your stupid leaders than your own eyes and the facts?

    You doubt reports who risked their lives, left their own families and comfort of their home … for the world to see the truth and do something about it … people who have consciousness and moral responsibility…. but you do not question war criminals and Serbian nationalists such as Karadzic, Mladic and perhaps yourself about genocide, ethnic cleansing, and killings of Bosnian people who are not Serbs?

    In other words, you would rather believe a war criminal than a credible reporter who has nothing to gain ?

    I did not delete your comment because I want my readers to see how deluded you are.

    Sarajevska Princeza