Bosnian offical language is BOSNIAN not Bosniak

Yes there is a Bosnian language. The ancient Bosnian language is called Bosančica. ( See the pictures below ) From the language called Bosančica we have now Bosanski — or Bosnian! The difference between a Bosnian language and so called "Serbo-Croatian dialect" spoken in Bosnia is political rather than linguistic. Almost everyone in Bosnia speaks Bosnian native. People of different religions living in Bosnia (eg. Bosnian muslims, catholics, buddhists, atheists, agnostics ) and members of all other religions claim they speak Bosnian respectively).

"Serbo-Croatian dialect" and newly invented "Bosniak" term for language are made to exist for political reasons, as an attempt to further occupy Bosnia, divide the country and unite with either Serbia or Croatia.

There is no need to rename already existent language in any other way, and even worse assign the official language of entire country to people who belong to specific religion.  Macedonian is considered by Bulgarians as a dialect of their language while Macedonians themselves consider it a separate language. Since Bulgaria has long claimed Macedonia as part of its territory, the reasons for each view are obvious!

See photos below of Bosnian ancient language found on many artifacts throughout the Balkans.

Bosančica, Bosnian ancient language.

Bosnian ancient alphabet

Bosnian language in ancient Bosnia,  Bosančica

Bosnian ancient language, Bosančica

Old Bosnian script Bosančica (1356-1366 year) Photo by Belma, Picasa Web Albums.

Grammar of Bosnian language from 18th century, 1890.

This job announcement below written by someone from GES ( genocidal entity Srpska ) IS an evidence of denial of Bosnian language on territory of Bosnia. It asks Bosnian applicants to be able to speak non-existent  "Bosniak" language and "its culture" refusing to actually call already existent official Bosnian language who by the way EVERYBODY in Bosnia speak ( including ethnic minorities of Serbs and Croats ). In fact this job announcement is written in Bosnian language except they used another form of letter, called Cyrillic to make it look like drastically different. 

Sarajevska Princeza


Job announcement:

"О Г Л А С за пријем у радни однос на неодређено вријеме. Расписује се оглас за пријем у радни однос 20 извршилаца на слиједећа радна мјеста:
1. НОВИНАР са познавањем бошњачког језика – информативно политички програм ТВ, 2 извршиоца. За радно мјесто под редним бројем 11 потребно је познавање бошњачког језика и културе, историје и обичаја бошњачког народа, а за радно мјесто под редним бројем 12 потребно је познавање хрватског језика и културе, историје и обичаја хрватског народа. За радно мјесто под редним бројем 13 и 14 кандидати треба да имају завршен факултет на одсјеку за бошњачки или хрватски језик. ( References: ЈП РТРС Бањалука, Сектор људских ресурса, Улица Краља Петра I Карађорђевића бр. 129, са назнаком "ЗА ОГЛАС". )


Now you have here the comment how Bosnian people in fact feel about such discrimination. I translated the document from Bosnian.

COMMENT – ALL FOR THE PURPOSE OF DIVISION by Bedrudin GUŠIĆ (Translation provided by blogger Sarajevska Princeza )

If this were the way it isn't, the above job announcement would not be worth of anyone's attention besides for those who are in (no)opportunity to submit an application. But, because this is the way it is, then let us notice at least how fellow followers of Karadjordjevic's work are continuously deceiving, changing the religion of our Bosnian language against it's will and in that way making Serbian ears to get used to forgery, on the behalf of language that, according to them, speak only members of one constitutive people.

The deception of public firm radio television ‘republike srpske’ is not their own, and not just theirs. All, literary all officials from that part of Bosnia-Herzegovina, that had been formed on genocide and war crimes, are using that terminology when they talk about one of the official languages of our country, with clear anti-bosnian intentions and aims.

Serbian violence against the language is twofold – they are making up new, non-existent "bosniak language" so that they could wash up the name of already existent – Bosnian language. Serbs can not understand that times of their hegemonism passed by when they were deciding about everything alone, and even about how group of people will be named and what name should be given to the language they speak.

And, when it comes to the chetniks attack on Bosnian language, at least it is left to those who are romantics to fight for its existence, since the officials of Bosnia-Herzegovina are not already fighting for it, international community and individuals who consciously or unconsciously, it doesn't even matter, are accepting to submit an application on advertisements for job positions that require the knowledge of the language that doesn't exist.

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  1. Ja ne priznajem Srpsko-Hrvatski kao USTAVNI u Bosni, to su strani jezici s ozbirom da svi Bosanci pricaju BOSANSKI MATERNJI. Ako vec nisi razumio iz svih prethodnih tesktova da je Bosna okupirana bosanskohercegovacka drzava kojom haraju njeni okupatori, pa sad ti kontaj zasto su Srbi i Hrvati u Bosni priznati a nisu BOSANCI – njen jedini narod koji je priznaje ( svih religija ). Ali eto moja zelja kroz ovaj blog je bila da prevedem tekst poznatih Bosanaca koji su skuzili kako se manipulise jezicima kako bi se BOSANSKI totalno izbrisao. Medjutim taj film nece gledati, uzaludne su im namjere.