Amnesty International raising awareness

Amnesty International is my favorite organization. They work hard to protect Human Rights all over the world. People who have anything humane in them, can not approve other people's suffering, no matter who those people are and where they come from. Everyone deserves to be free of torture, enslavement, and exploitation. There are ways to resolve the conflicts without being brutal. Human Rights Day is celebrated on December 10th, across the world.


" Amnesty International hopes to light at least 8,000 candles worldwide to commemorate the people who were massacred at Srebrenica's genocide.

You can plan a vigil or other event to commemorate the victims of the massacre and raise awareness about the fact that some suspects implicated in human rights abuses connected to the Srebrenica massacre still have not been brought to justice.

Amnesty International is eager to hear about your event and may post your photos on the website with your permission. Please send the following information: date and location of the event, type of event (vigil), number of attendees, press who attended (including press clippings would be very useful), and a list of any groups that co-sponsored the event with you." © AFP

Information should be emailed to:

Ulana Moroz or mailed to Amnesty International USA, Attn: Ulana Moroz, 600 Pennsylvania Ave SE 5th Fl, Washington DC, 20003.

Link: Human Rights Amnesty International


There are many people all over the world who do it in their own way in attempt to bring awareness about suffering and pain and injustices in different ways. Here are songs about Sarajevo and people's suffering during the Siege of Sarajevo.

Middle East Region:

Link: Sarajevo Song


#1 To those who lost their lives ( U2 Bono, UK )

#2 Miss Sarajevo ( George Michael )

#3 Miss Sarajevo Pavarotti


#1 Michael Jackson's Love for Sarajevo

#2 Heal the World ( Michael Jackson, USA ) Michael Jackson, R.I.P. — Bosnians love you..

On November 24, 1992, the Heal the World Foundation collaborated with AmeriCares to bring 43 tons of medication, blankets and winter clothes, totaling 2.1 million dollars, to war-torn Sarajevo. The resources were allocated under the supervision of the United Nations. In December of the same year, Heal the World foundation assisted in airlifting additional relief supplies to the children of Bosnia, in association with Operation Christmas Child. The foundation transported 30,000 "shoebox gifts" of toys, school items, photographs, and inspirational letters collected by UK schoolchildren.