Bosnian videos of Hope ( survival videos )

Sarajevo during the winter, photo by unknown.

Sarajevo – Bascarsija Video :

"Bosnian King" – Dragan Vikic was Commander in Chief of popular Elite Bosnian Fighters during the Serbian terror on Sarajevo, Bosnia in 1992. The guys are young but that's all Sarajevo had at that time. Dragan Vikic will appear at the end of the video ( sorry taken off from you tube ), with dogs, undeniable charisma and love for Sarajevo and its people!

The Lucky Soldier – Dino Merlin :

This music video was created at the deadliest time of Serbian aggression on Sarajevo and Bosnia by our most famous Bosnian singer, Dino Merlin.

Dino is simply trying to give the hope to people. I can say this music saved many of us from going insane. In this time, you would be considered lucky to be a soldier because at least you could defend yourself and live ( survive ), everyone else was a victim like this little Sarajevan girl who is dying from obviously Serbian shelling or Serbian sniper and someone ( her dad? ) is trying to get her away from the sniper and take her to the improvised "emergency room".

You could see fear of the man behind who is afraid that both will be shot because that's what serbian snipers have done in the past. They would first shoot at the innocent victim and then let someone approach the victim just to shoot another person and the victim again.


We know the truth, we just don't want to forget it like Karla did.

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