The Life Style in Sarajevo

Sarajevans love fashion and want always to look good whether they go out for shopping or dinner. When you walk through the main street Ferhadija you have a feeling you are watching the fashion show. This is simply the life style of Sarajevans before the war, during the war and after the war. Sarajevans go out every night, so Monday through Sunday looks like Saturday & Sunday always. People in Sarajevo love to socialize, travel, watch club soccer games, go to the clubs, and dress fashionably.

During the war

Meliha Vareshanovic walks proudly during the siege of Sarajevo

Siege of Sarajevo

The lady on the bike looks pretty cool. Yes it's the war and she is the target for snipers in the heart of Europe, yet to dress and act as if everything is normal made Sarajevans feel easier. This is a self-defense mechanism. When something is too painful and too strange to be taking place in the heart of Europe, people refuse to believe it's happening.

Another factor is also people simply feel better because in the war you don't know how long you will manage to survive. The city was totally cut off and surrounded by Serbian forces who were shelling the city from the top, and attacking from all sides to tighten the circle. Sarajevans simply wanted to live and refused to act as their victims. In some way by dressing nice and having make up on, people were saying: " Look, there is nothing you can do about it, because I am alive, healthy and happy ".

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  1. The lady on the picture has a beautiful clothes. I noticed when in Sarajevo people dress up, everyone looks so fashionable!

    Princezo super ti je blog, hvala sto pises o bosanskoj naciji i ujedninjenoj nasoj bosni i hercegovini.