The Butcher of Balkans

Finally … Mr Evil captured. Radovan Karadzic, the village man.

Radovan Karadzic was hiding in the mountains and villages of Bosnia and for years lived in apartment in Belgrade under someone's stolen identity as a doctor, without his family and children. Hiding all these years, pretending to be someone else — this is yet another Montenegrin Serbian "hero" who spent his entire life to be remembered in the world as the Butcher of Balkans.

All these years Radovan Karadzic refused to take any responsibility for genocide and ethnic cleansing and aggression launched on multi-ethnic internationally recognized Bosnia. Now he is forced to answer on many questions in Court, not just to Bosnians but to the entire World!! If he was captured earlier perhaps people would eat him alive that's how much pain and suffering he caused too many families, and this country.

This was the man whom Sarajevo city took under the wings and offered him university education, life, happiness and freedom regardless of his religion, nationality, ethnicity and hatred for our multiethnic country. Capturing Karadzic can never make up for all Bosnians lost but because he is & was a leader of Serb nationalists (chetniks) hopefully they will sooner or later realize their "hero" and a leader had failed and no dreams about Greater Serbia will ever come true.

Mr Karadzic who not so long ago claimed that Bosnians won't exist will perhaps never see Greater Serbia in his life time again. He ended up with a title of the butcher of Balkans, now sweating in his little war criminal prison cell. Bosnians know one thing for sure, Radovan Karadzic will never have Sarajevo cevapi from the Bascarsija ( Sarajevo ) again.

It's obvious that people of Serbia participated in his capture by providing the information about his whereabouts, and that way betrayed him. At least that is how Karadzic and his followers believe. With such unexpected betrayal people of Serbia finally decided to show the world that he indeed was not worth much longer. However, even with such a great act they are still responsible for not capturing Karadzic earlier and for prolonging the pain and suffering of families of the victims all these years. In a sense, this capture was too late.

This man portrayed himself to be a religious man. He went to Orthodox Serbian Church and brainwashed people. He portrayed Serbs as victims vs everyone else perceived as their enemy in every place where Serbs resided. When infamous Russian writer was shooting on Sarajevo Karadzic explained that Sarajevo is occupied by Turks and Bosnians are actually Serbs. This is what he was teaching his people. This man could never live in democratic society.

Bosnians are glad that he was captured because his followers will realize there are consequences. This man wanted the entire Bosnian population to disappear. Is it even possible to ever comprehend his frame of Mind? He came to a conclusion that the only way Serbian Nation can exist across several countries and in multi-ethnic Bosnia — is if all other nations simply disappear.

In this first clip Karadzic says he worries about 2 things, his life and the speed of the trial. Then he handed to the Judge four page paper previously written in his prison cell. 

Video #1 here. ( Karadzic the most wanted for war crimes & genocide in Bosnia)

Video #2 here. ( Radovan Karadzic appears before war crimes tribunal )

Video #3 here. ( Karadzic working as a doctor of alternative medicine in Belgrade )

Video #4 here. ( Karadzic's intent spoken before the actual war )

Video #5 here. ( Chetniks/Serb nationalists during the siege of Sarajevo )

They arrived from other parts of the world to fight for Greater Serbia.

Video #6 here. ( Russian writer Limonov shooting from the sniper from the hill on Sarajevans while Karadzic explains his version of Bosnian history ).

Sarajevo Siege Map

To see much large version  of how Serbs surrounded City of Sarajevo and were shooting from the hills and terrorizing people click here.

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  1. Ratni zlocinac Srbin Radovan Karadzic je inkarnacija Hitlera, odnosno Hitler II. Kako drugacije objasniti i razumjeti mentalni sklop inidvidue koja ubija i naredjuje potpun nestanak jedne nacije jer njeni pripadnici nisu Srbi?! Hm, kad bi cijeli svijet tako ubijao onda bi svaka nacija nestala.

    Bosanska nacija je postojala na prostorima BIH i prije Radovana a postojace i poslije Radovana. Zao mi samo sto onoliki bosanskohercegovacki narod izginu radi nicega.

    The Serbian man called Radovan Karadzic is a proof that Hitler still exists on Balkans…

    Princezo love reading your posts… you are very passionate about your homeland!