Montenigran Radovan Karadzic captured on July 21 2008 in Belgrade

Video: Bosnians celebrate on the streets of Sarajevo after arrest of war criminal Radovan Karadic Here

Radovan Karadzic was born in Montenegro. He is a citizen of Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia. In 1992 a few days after Bosnia became independent he had begun ethnic cleansing and genocide of all non – Serbs. He attended the Serbian church, kissed the chetnicks flag, believed in God, crossed himself, felt he is a member of a "superior" Serbian Nation, and had been convinced that Bosnians are Turks who needed to disappear.

Bosnians have nothing to do with Ottoman Turkish Empire. Ottoman Empire ruled Bosnia for about 500 years as well as Austro – Hungary for about 100 years and later Bosnia was also occupied by Nazi Germany during the 2nd World War. But for some reason this man was still mad on Turks. The Turks during Ottoman Empire who occupied Bosnia are dead. This was an endless, self-defeating and pointless pursuit of revenge. After genocide and ethnic cleansing, Radovan Karadzic lived all over the places in his holly land Serbia rather than being in prison where he should be until rest of his life (Europe doesn't have death penalty). After he was captured Bosnians went on the streets to celebrate and intentionally waived with Turkish flags!


Radovan Karadzic took the identity of "Dragan Dabic" and played a role of a doctor of alternative medicine.

Interview with Radovan Karadzic's nephew here. Of course they knew where he was.

Capturing Radovan Karadzic was a victory catch but people also want Ratko Mladic. Ultimately running away and not taking responsibility achieve nothing meaningful either collectively or individually. He believed that he would never face any punishment for destroying lives of innocent people.