Letter to my readers

This is my first letter to my readers from all over the world.

Thanks for reading my blog that I have started in 2004. I have statistics that show me from what country you are from, and  I am very proud that you like my blog. Whenever I update my blog, I go over dead links and replace them with new ones, I add references in the case I was missing some, I add missing authors of beautiful pictures on my blog ( if I find out who they are ), and I research… what is happening to Bosnian Nation according to world media ( not just Balkan media that currently dominates ).

That is why I love internet. We can find out for ourselves and compare the information from all over the world. This often gives me an opportunity to see who else is writing and following events in Bosnia. In 2004 it was unusual to find anything on "Bosnian Nation" ( Bosanska Nacija ), "Bosnian people" ( Bosanski narod ) or simply "Bosnian" in Bosnian language ( Bosanac ) for instance. People were competing who will reproduce better Bosnian map that will show current divisions, some denied Bosnian language, integrity, nation, People, and entire existence all together. Now in the year of 2008 the story is totally different.

When I started my blog in 2004 people were asking me why do I write in English and not in Bosnian. There were so many reasons why I have done that. First, Bosnians know what took place in their homeland, every single blog written by Bosnian is a Story of Bosnia. I have NOT felt strong need to tell my People AGAIN what took place in our homeland.

They know.

However, people like yourself, in the other parts of the world, may want to learn about our personal experiences and true stories because in some way, shape or form they feel Bosnian tragedy as their own. People want to know what is going to happen in the future for Bosnia, does evil win or good thing will prevail?

Another of so many other reasons why I have started my blog is also because it has therapeutic effects. At first I could not write about war because it is painful and it evokes sad memories then slowly you accept this is what took place and you got to deal with it somehow. While I don't see Bosnians as victims rather as People who carry the victory in moral sense there is no way that I could ever completely describe the losses my Nation went & is still going through.

Because I live in the US and I am "watching over" what is happening in Bosnia, I still can NOT comprehend why Bosnian people are still not constitutive people in their own country? Bosnians have rights to be constitutive people in their own country!  ( Bosanci, Bosanski narod imaju prava da budu konstitutivni u svojoj sopstvenoj drzavi )

But what makes me really happy is to see other Bosnians and people from all over the world emerging more than ever to support Bosnians reminding everyone all over again in many different ways from art, music, film, drama, writings, books to blogs – Bosnians want their constitutional rights & their country back.

This is the video of how many Bosnians feel that way. The video is made on November 25th, the Bosnian Independence Day.
video: BIH and Independence Day

This video is from a lovely Facebook page with 9,320 members created by Sarajevo born, young Bosnian man – Nedim Racic.

Update: Facebok page
As of 01/2010 – 11,175 members. And the number is growing.

Sarajevska Princeza

Sarajevo, the most beautiful city

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  1. U BIH postoji samo jedna legitimna Nacija a to je bosanskohercegovacka Nacija. Pripadnici bosanskohercegovacke Nacije i bosanskohercegovackog Naroda se zovu BOSANCI.

    Grupa je za sve BOSANCE odnosno pripadnike bosanskohercegovacke Nacije i bosanskohercegovackog Naroda tj osobe koje zele tako da se izjasnjavaju.

    Bosanci trenutno nisu konstitutivni jer su konstitutivnost dobili pripadnici tudjih Nacija u njihovoj drzavi BIH.

    Grupa ne zeli da se izajsnjava kao pripadnici Srpske Nacije i Srpskog Naroda.

    Niti kao pripadnici Hrvatske Nacije i Hrvatskog Naroda.

    Niti se zeli da izjasnjava kao Bosnjak. ( Termin koji je zamjenio ex-YU termin Musliman ).

    Vec zeli da se izjasnjavaju kao Bosanci.

    Sasvim je logicno da i ja kao Bosanac zelim da budem konstitutivan u svojoj sopstvenoj drzavi, eh sad da li bi to bilo kao 4 Nacija od kojih su ostale 3 nelegitimne fakticki ili kao Jedina Nacija u BIH nek odluci sam bosanskoherecgovacki Narod.