“Greater Serbia” and “Greater Croatia” ideologies FAILING

Bosnia is part of democratic Europe, it is the road on which every European country is set to travel.

The hateful ideology is something that can never be achieved nor held for a very long time. And no matter how much it lasts it always fails at the end.

The only reason why Serbian and Croatian nationalists managed to fool Bosnian people of Orthodox faith ( religious or not ) and convert them into Serbs & Bosnians Catholics into Croats ( while suspending Bosnian option ) is so they can betray their own country for the purpose of division of Bosnian territory. They are using people to achieve their sick ideologies and Nazi alike country where everyone must have blue hair and blue eyes otherwise they are outcast.

The only way they could do this  is through:

1. Creation of false history,

2. Corrupted media,

3. Nationalistic propaganda, and

4. (ab)use of religious institutions

Everything that Hitler did.

He said that he is killing all Jews because that is service to God. If God wanted to kill all Jews He/She would not need Hitler to do so.

I do want to mention domestic traitors as well. There are and were people who fought and are still fighting for the interests of other countries and against their own – Bosnia.

How to deal with biggest nationalists in Balkans?

The Serbian nationalists conditioned PEOPLE to fear everybody who is unlike them ( all non Serbs ) so the children grow up believing in something which is not true – yet having no chance of finding out until it is too late and damage is already done. Then they have no point of return so they stick with them. They often identify with perpetrators defending them because this is the only way they can psychologically survive. Otherwise they would mentally brake down if someone would reveal to them that genocide and ethnic cleansing of all non-Serbs is in fact their own defeat.

They killed their own Values and Happiness they would have if they were exposed to different role models. They are forever labeled as Genocidal Nation. The world rejects them, they do not feel accepted, their country is smaller and smaller, they are forbidden to travel to other parts of the World, and the world believes they are trouble makers in Balkans. Every ex-Republic run away from them seeking independence ( which by the way have full right to do so because they entered YU union already as independent Republics that existed on their own ) and people make jokes about their phony leaders. Every second someone is in Hague for war crimes, the entire country is corrupted, they have lost according to them “the Soul and Heart” called today independent Republic of Kosova. After this goes autonomy called Vojvodina. The entity created on bones of murdered Bosnian innocent children,  women and men controlled by Nazi in our land is VERY poor. Estimated 98% of people there have no jobs. The only jobs that can do is to be 1. a criminal or 2. be a corrupted politician. They have Srebrenica, remains of concentration camps, graves around stolen homes, International Police looking for them, International Agencies searching for bones of killed people, thousands of links and hundreds of movies circulating the World about what kind of People they are. The Truth is their enemy.

So if you want to fight the nationalism:

1). Change their role models. Instead of Hitler, Mladic and Karadzic alikes, have Cosmopolitans and Pacifists instead. There is need for awakening.

2). Entity ruled by Nazi is supposed to be Multi-multi. No segregation.

3). Make course in – Logic – mandatory in elementary schools to learn that Serbs are not the holly Nation, and New Years Eve is not Serbian.

4). A few classes in Democracy and definitions of what is a Nation and what is a Religion would not hurt.

5). Independent media is lacking. If people have no other TV programs or news but nationalistic programs alone how do you expect them not to be lured and manipulated?

6). Bosnians must consistently refuse to compromise political position to obtain their freedom in their own country and insist on the Change.


Photo: Ronaldinho Gaucho, the best soccer player in the world with Bosnian flag ( don't you just love him? )

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