Testimonies how Sarajevo was shelled, and innocent people, civilians, children, ordinary men and women killed by Serbian snipers

VIDEO: Serbs shooting on people I rarely read entire testimonies as they tend to be very long, however in this case I found one ( read here ) that I could not stop reading until I've read it entirely.

In this particular testimony, Mr. Charty, a prosecutor showed the photo of the area in 360 views and asked the Serbian soldier ( who was stationed in Sarajevan suburb held by Serbs, Grbavica ) to testify about snipers and what really happened.

The soldier claimed that Bosnians itself were shooting ( sniping ) from the "red building" onto their own territory, however, when asked to show if the person from targeted area could of been shot while he rotates the area in 360 degrees, waiting for him to point on something that could of been shot, nothing could of been seen!

Of course, that's because Serb soldier was not telling the truth. Serbian snipers were killing people and their supporters deny until present day any sniper fire from Sarajevan suburb held by Serbs, Grbavica despite all the evidence.

Having said that, the person who testified said he had never seen any, but later when confronted with evidence, he referred to this sniper fire as simply the "shooting" not really "sniping". In his words sniping is not the same as shooting. He said there was shooting but no sniping. To him that was somehow different… as if …

killed by sniping or by shooting ( pointing gun at someone and killing ) is of less crime. But that was not different to families all over the world who lost their loved ones to Serbian snipers. For example look at this photo.


Snipers in Sarajevo, Getty Images

On daylife.com says: "A French UN soldier and a woman give first aid to a Bosnian soldier shot by a sniper bullet on Sarajevo so-called "Sniper avenue" 21 November 1994. The Bosnian soldier died seconds later. The UN war crimes court convicted 12 December 2007 Bosnian Serb general Dragomir Milosevic of terrorising the people of Sarajevo during the siege of the Bosnian capital, and jailed him for 33 years. The judges ruled that troops under Milosevic's command shelled Sarajevo and directed sniper fire against civilians, spreading terror among the inhabitants as they queued for bread, went to market or were simply walking with their children."


Sarajevo sniper victims, photo by Eileen Kleinman

On this photo one civilian is shot by the Serbian sniper and another one wants to help him but is afraid and does not know what to do because he fears he will be shot too.

If you want to know why people can not hide the truth about what happened in Bosnia, and how lie is always caught at the end, read it… and of course it's good to know the facts. We all know this took place in Sarajevo, I WAS THERE. I am also glad that lost of journalists actually were in the court to testify.

Testimony:  Read here
Video: Russian Writer shooting from the hills
Video: Serbian sniper shooting on civilian

Brilliant cross examination Mr Docherty.

Sniper Alley Sarajevo, photo by Tom Stoddart

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  1. “In September, 1992, BBC reporter Kate Adie interviewed Serbian gunners on the hillsides overlooking Sarajevo and asked them why they had been shelling the Holiday Inn, the hotel where all of the foreign correspondents were known to stay. The Serbian officer commanding the guns apologized profusely to Ms. Adie, explaining they had not meant to hit the hotel but had been aiming at the roof of the National Museum behind it.”