The role of the Serbian Orthodox Church in ethnic cleansing in Bosnia

Bosnian people of all religions suffered a lot because of Serbian Orthodox Church. The Church played a huge role in ethnic cleansing in Bosnia.

They lured people of orthodox religion to join this killing "in the name of God". Their justification was to "save the Serbs" from extinction in the countries they do not even admit as theirs.

Bosnian people of orthodox religion in reality have no real authentic Bosnian Church. All churches in Bosnia are basically renamed, taken over and re-established as Serbian churches. When I say "Serbian Orthodox Church" I am talking about the church from another country – Serbia.

You would think, when you say Church – that the entire point is to support peace, right? Here is the picture how orthodox priest is "BLESSING" the paramilitary Serbian formations just a little before actual attack on Srebrenica, Bosnia where genocide took place.

The Serbian Orthodox Priest blessing armed paramilitary
Serbian solder(s)

The picture above is a screen shot from released video footage showing a Serb Orthodox priest blessing the paramilitary soldiers on June 25, 1995 just a few days before the soldiers were to be transferred to Srebrenica where slaughter of estimated 8.000 men and boys of Bosnian nationality as young as 9 years old took place.

The ultimate goal was to kill anyone who is not a Serb.

And ethnically cleanse Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo for the purpose of creating the fantasy land called Greater Serbia.

Consequently: Genocide and ethnic cleansing of all non-Serbs in Bosnia

We can resolve this issue by having our own Bosnianherzegovinian ( or shortly Bosnian ) orthodox church ( for Bosnians of orthodox faith ) instead of having foreign churches in Bosnia that are obsessed with Greater Serbia ideology – and – interested in politics rather than actual spirituality and religion.

There is also a great book on this subject by Mitja Velikonja ( in English ), called "Religious Separation and Political Intolerance in Bosnia-Herzegovina". read here

Whoever is interested to clearly understand this region must read this book. On page 265, Velikonja gave many examples of the Serbian church support for:

– Serb extremists and
– war criminals in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo.

Such was also a  relationship with Serb war criminal Arkan.

When Serb Patriarch Pavle met with him, he presented Arkan with a gift of Saint Nicola statue approving him and according to some sources helping in organization, financing and arming his militia. Serb Bishop Vasilij personally traveled from Bosnia to Serbia to attend Arkan's wedding in February of 1995.

Myths about Orthodoxy and holly Serbs began to emerge. This is not different from how Hitler incorporated religion in his "vision" to eliminate 12 millions of Jews. Now you think this can not happen again. Well this CAN happen, it happened multiple times and it will happen again.

Some people are blindly following whatever someone from religious institutions or their group tells them without critical evaluation on their part. It is a groupthink.

Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that can occur in groups of people. Rather than critically evaluating information, the group members begin to form quick opinions that match the group consensus without taking personal responsibility. Groupthink seems to occur most often when a respected or persuasive leader is present, inspiring members to agree with his or her opinion.

  • group think – psychology
    • illusion of invulnerability
    • rationalization of past decisions
    • unquestioned belief in the group's morality
    • stereotyped view of opponent
    • conformity pressure
    • self-censorship
    • illusion of unanimity
    • mindguards )

  • Groupthink: read more here
  • Janis, Irving L.  (1972).  Victims of Groupthink.  New York: Houghton Mifflin.

    Janis, Irving L.  (1982).  Groupthink: Psychological Studies of Policy Decisions and Fiascoes.  Second Edition.  New York: Houghton Mifflin.

The Serbian Church blessed military criminals, spread and also justified stereotypes about Bosnians, Croats, Kosovars and anyone who is not Serbian calling them Turks and all kinds of awkward names.

At the same time, it denied indisputable evidence of Serb held concentration camps, genocide, ethnic cleansing and other Serb crimes calling it a hoax.

There are reports of forced conversation of people to Orthodoxy and changing their names into Serbian. This forced conversion was not unusual even in times of my grandmother in 1940's when Serbs in ex-Yu were converting non-orthodox population to orthodoxy.

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  1. Pretjerivanje. Sveštenicima je posao da osveštaju zastavu i blagoslove vojnike. od hiljada vojnika, neki napravi i nešto nečasno. No, jedan te isti pop će blagosloviti srpske vojnike na grbavici, i održati zadušni pomen pravoslavcima poginulim u neprijateljskoj vojsci, tzv. armiji bih. nije njihovo da sude, nego upravo da sveštaju i kade