Bosnian friendship and love relationships

Bosnians culturally value friendship and social life. In Bosnia friendship between men and women is accepted and popular. Bosnians travel together with friends and like to be in groups. Having coffees is also Bosnian tradition. Coffee shops are all over the places.

Bosnians have a habit to meet a friend or a neighbor on the street going home from shopping, and they spontaneously decide to have a coffee at that very moment. Bosnians go out Monday trough Sunday. In Sarajevo, Friday and Saturday night is every night!!


Bosnians know everything about each other, such as who you are, your family, relatives, cousins, where do you live, where did you go to school, where do you work. T
hey often ask you if you are married or do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend up front, as soon as they meet you.

Bosnian Coffee

Meeting for coffee or drinks is always friendship. If a man suggest "to have a dinner", to Bosnians this demonstrates clear serious romantic interest.

Europeans, just like Bosnians do not date more than one person at the time. It is NOT acceptable to multi-date and look around who is a better romantic prospect while already going out romantically with someone. It's considered inappropriate ( cheating ).
In Bosnia it is normal to be platonic friends. Either you are that or a boyfriend/girlfriend.

 Bosnians do not have talks about exclusive or monogamous relationships. It is assumed automatically that if you are interested in a romantic relationship, that relationship is monogamous and exclusive. It is also assumed you have honorable intentions. Affection, hugging and kissing is accepted in public places for younger people. People generally don't fear commitment, they often recommend their own friends and relatives all the time! Its not a big deal.

When Bosnians use others or cheat, they are often not respected in society and people do not want to be in their circles. Also womanizing is highly undesirable, flirting with many people, not being loyal, having many partners in many different places and for many different reasons etc. Its true that some people are not honest and cheat or deceive, but culturally such behavior in Bosnia is highly disapproved. Bosnian friends and families protect and tell each other when they see partner doing anything inappropriate, people talk and give you information.

Bosnians generally marry the first or the second love.