Bosnian People protest in Sarajevo

Bosnian people protested in Sarajevo today on March 5, 2011, aggravated because Bosnian Jovan Divjak, the General of Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina, who defended Bosnia from Serbo-Croatian aggression 1992 – 1995 was arrested in Austria. Serbia accused him of war crimes when he was defending and liberating Bosnia from their army. Serbia is trying to turn around the situation, and make themselves a victim in Genocide they committed in Bosnia!

Serbs remained on 49% of Bosnian territory, after Dayton agreement was signed primarily to stop the war and allow peaceful solution. For 20 years Serb-Croats worked very hard to separate Bosnian territory and join Bosnian land to Serbia and Croatia to which they declare loyalties. After they ethnically cleansed almost entire Bosnia and got constitutional rights against the will of Bosnian nation, they kept preventing the progress of Bosnian nation and blocked all reforms that were necessary hanging on unconstitutional agreement of Dayton…and in that way not allowing country to go forward. While all along, their Serbian General Ratko Mladic among many other war criminals accused of war crimes in Bosnia and responsible for genocide in Srebrenica are still free for 20 years!

This could never be possible if Dayton agreement did not give constitutional rights to Serbs and Croats in Bosnia in the first place, and took those rights away from Bosnians in their own country unconstitutionally. Jovan Divjak: I am Bosnian. ‘Ja sam Bosanac". B92 (2007-09-11)