Declaration of July 11 as Bosnian Genocide Remembrance Day in Washington State

People around the world would like this to be a day on which the victims of the 1992-1995 Bosnian Genocide would be remembered and honored by the people of Washington State. With your signature, you will be a part of history. You will contribute to remember Bosnian genocide that took place in heart of Europe. Make a difference and help promoting peaceful coexistence among all people in Washington State and around the world.  Petition can be signed below.

How the genocide happened? These videos are only from one city, Srebrenica alone, genocide took place in entire Bosnia.

Video #1 Part 1
Video #2 Part 2
Video #3 Part 3
Video #4 Part 4
Video #5 Part 5

Serbian soldiers hitting already shot Bosnian family. The husband was shot first and when his wife wanted to protect him, then she was shot too, none survived. ( Photo by Ron Haviv, Bijeljina 1992 )

( Bosnian lang. ) Za Dan Sjećanja na Bosanski Genocid u državi Washington. Potpisom ove peticije traži se, da se u državi Washington 11 Juli 2011 proglasi kao dan sjećanja na žrtve bosanskog genocida. Peticija se moze potpisati ovdje: