Bosnians want constitutional changes

There are good news for all those who hope for justice in Bosnia. Ex-Yugoslavian States Serbia and Montenegro committed aggression, genocide and ethnic cleansing in 1992 in Bosnia. They masterminded and planned the entire operation, while providing equipment and military assistance to Serbs from within Bosnia to help in attacking newly admitted internationally recognized Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its Bosnian People.

The plan was to defeat Bosnians and join Bosnian land to their countries. In 1995, Dayton Agreement was signed with ex President of Serbia, Milosevic, later accused and tried in Hague for war crimes, the ex President of Croatia Tudjman, and he ex President of Bosnia, Izetbegovic. The goal was to freeze the war and allow everyone to sit and talk, while respecting Bosnian territorial integrity. The idea was to prevent any division of Bosnian territory. Nobody knew that Dayton peace agreement will simply replace the legitimate constitution of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and become – rule of law, on which genocidal entity will thrive and gain powers that otherwise they legally could not have. 

In the last 20 years, from 1992 until today, Bosnian People are oppressed in their own country. Hoping peace agreement will allow a chance for freedom and democracy, they found themselves more occupied in 2011 than during the war in 1992.  Bosnians are not included in any of decisions after Dayton agreement or in the government. For instance, Bosnian person in Bosnia can never be the President of Bosnia. Serbs from Serbia, Croats from Croatia can. Bosnians technically have no right to decide about Bosnia or themselves. They have no right to vote unless they declare belonging to one of 3 designated "ethnic categories" ( BHS ), and can only vote for one of them. The Bosnian option, to act as One People (all ethnic groups and religions) is suppressed and not legitimate. Basically only 3 out of at least twenty existing ethnic groups in Bosnia have rights to Bosnia that no other Bosnian can enjoy, and each ethnic category protects only the members of their own group. Political situation in Bosnia after Dayton agreement became very complicated, abnormal and unnatural. Dayton agreement is outdated, old, and is no longer protecting Bosnia.

Bosnian People can’t wait any longer to get the new constitution

E. Besic, native Bosnian, born in Sanski Most, writes:

"They suspended our Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, suspended our constitution of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. With Dayton agreement they installed two different ethnically cleansed territories so called "entities" which are at their best heading towards becoming independent states, if they are already not because they have all characteristics of the country: constitution, government, citizenship etc. They suspended our centuries old flag of Bosnia, lilies of King Tvrtko, that were symbols of our beautiful Bosnia, they suspended our anthem "You are the only one", they are suspending our prefixes in the names of the cities that carry prefixes of Bosnia – e.g. "Bosnian", they suspended our soccer team – something that made us feel like BOSNIANS, where, even though they did not allow it, the Bosnian flag with a golden lilies was able to fly." (30.03.2011)

( Bosnian lang. )

"Ukinuli su nam Republiku Bosnu i Hercegovinu, suspendovali su Ustav RBiH, Dejtonskim sporazumom instalirali su nam dva etničko očišćena prostora tkzv. entiteta koji su na najboljem putu da postanu države (ako to već i jesu, jer imaju sve oblike država – ustav, vladu, državljanstvo itd.), ukinuli su nam vjekovnu zastavu Bosne ljiljane Kralja Tvrtka, koji su simbol blistave Bosne, ukinuli su nam himnu "Jedna si jedina", ukidaju nam prefikse u nazivima gradova koji nose prefiks Bosne, Bosanski i Bosanska, ukinuli su nam i fudbal, nogomet kako vam god paše – nešto na čemu smo do jučer osjećali kao BOSANCI, gdje su, iako su to zabranili, se vijorili zlatni ljiljani, gdje se u glas pjevala himna "jedna si jedina", na utakmicama je igrala BOSNA, sad nemamo ni to više! Šta je slijedeće, da nije možda ukidanje države Bosne i Hercegovine. Gdje je u ovome svemu BOSNA, gdje su Bosanci, gdje su zlatni ljiljani, zašto smo se borili?"