President of European Parlament: Petition for the new Constitution of Bosnian People and Bosnian Nation

Bosnians would like their new Bosnian constitution to be made by the People of Bosnia and for the People of Bosnia. There is a Human rights Petition on called " Petition for the new Constitution of Bosnian People and Bosnian Nation " . There are lots of issues with current "constitution" which prevents Bosnia to function normally. People of Bosnia tehnically have no constitutional powers and can not decide or participate in decision making. This privilege is given only to three out of over twenty two ethnic groups that exist in Bosnia. Its time for Bosnia to grant the constitutional rights to its People of Bosnia and abolish ethnic voting permanently. Please sign the petition below to support the rights of Bosnian People.

Why is This Important?

" 1. We the People of Bosnia-Herzegovina, in order to protect the sovereignty and integrity of our country, establish justice, insure freedom and democracy with this petition, hereby declare that we do not want to be categorized as “Bosniaks”, Croats, Serbs or Others, but would like to establish the Constitution for Bosnia-Herzegovina as Bosnians of all religions, and Bosnia-Herzegovina as the country of One People & One Nation. Our country has existed for hundreds of years and we have our own national identity that is neither Serbian, Croatian or Bosniak. We are not Serbs, Croats or "Bosniaks". These are ethnic groups among 20+ ethnic groups that exist in our multi-ethnic and multi-religious nation.

2. We the People of Bosnia-Herzegovina are currently in the (un)constitutional category of "Others" with absolutely NO legal constitutional rights or constitutional powers to represent us as Bosnians, the People of Bosnia, or our Bosnian country. The People of Bosnia-Herzegovina request immediate constitutional change and recognition in the entire BH.

3. The People of Bosnia demand a new constitution for Bosnia to be established and created by us, the People of Bosnia-Herzegovina based on democracy and freedom for the People of Bosnia.

4. We want the constitution for Bosnia to be new and compatible with the constitutions of 27 other EU countries. The People of Bosnia-Herzegovina, demand our Bosnian Representatives who are neither "Bosniaks" from Balkans, Croats, nor Serbs who express loyalties to their ethnic lands, but native Bosnians whose country is Bosnia, Bosnians by birth who express loyalty and belonging to this country and belonging to Bosnian People, to represent us, the multiethnic and multi-religious People of Bosnia-Herzegovina and our nation, as well as immediate inclusion into the Presidency of BH. " [ the rest of it is in the petition below ]